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Fun With Chemo

I am Debra and I am going to start my 3rd trip down chemo lane for my 4th cancer in February 2017.  I have had cancer diagnosis over the past 19 years. As I go bald for the third time, the need for fun hats/beanies/head coverings is on my mind. I had a hard time finding a fun, cool, pretty head covering the last two times and being bald can be cold! What started out as designing hats for my own use has grown into a collection of fun beanies for all sorts of folks. Enjoy!

What this site is about...

Bald Again!

Hi. I am Debra. I am fighting cancer - again. This is my 4th primary cancer diagnosis over 19 years. I have had 3 surgeries, 2 full rounds of chemo with another series coming up in February, 2017, and radiation (which I had in 1997) and I am about to start more radiation on January 19, 2017. I remember having a hard time finding fun hats the last two times I went through chemo so I started designing my own. I hope you will find something special. Please check back as new items will be added. Thanks for stopping by!

I look good bald!

But I like the comfort of having a beanie to keep my head warm. I also like the option to wear a beanie in public. I know it is hard to believe but some folks find my beautiful baldness - distracting.... I also love having great choices to express my view of the world - smile.

We come in all shapes, sizes and personality types.

I have tried to provide a wide variety of designs from Infant to Youth to Adult. Each catagory has a choice of sizes and linings. Enjoy!

All sorts of folks can find what they need...

When I first came to this site, I thought it was for girls and women but I found some great hats for me as well.

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