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An Open Letter to My Formerly Large Breasts

Hey, Girls. It has been about 7 months since my mastectomies and I am just now feeling like I am healed. As a diabetic, healing is a specially hard project for me. I have to tell you, Girls, that I miss you very much.

Sure, there are benefits to being "flat" like not having to wear bras. Actually being to wear off the shoulder tops that I could never have worn before. My bra straps never pull at my shoulders or the band around my ribcage.

I do miss you, however. I miss the jokes you always seemed to provoke at parties or get-togethers. A long as I can remember, I have always had what most would consider very large breasts - 48 G. There was a time I would wear a bustier with a blazer over it and go out clubbing or to parties - and, yes, folks looked and looked and looked.

As you know, I was a dancer in my youth - a topless dancer (I was too young to serve drinks so I danced instead). I spent about a year and a half dancing and the other girls I danced with all thought I had had plastic surgery because my breasts were so large and so perky. This was in the early to mid-1970s and plastic surgery was not as common as it is today. I don't know if I ever convinced them I was all natural but, suffice it to say, you were well appreciated. 

Through the years it was not uncommon for folks to talk to me about you. I don't know if women with smaller breasts get a lot of comments about their breasts. But folks seemed to feel comfortable talking to me about you. Folks feel pretty comfortable talking to me about a lot of things. I have rarely met a stranger as I talk to folks in elevators and bus stops - you know, generally anywhere I happen to be.

I will eventually get prosthetics that will never take your place but will permit me to look better in clothes. I must first have some cosmetic surgery. The excess flesh and fat under my armpits will need to be removed. That is significant surgery and the scar will go almost to my spine from just to the front side of my underarm. All of that fit well when I still had you, Dears, but now are cumbersome and do not match up with my new body. So - off they go.

I have no idea what the size of my future prosthetics will be but I am hoping they will be at least close to you in your former glory (though we both know you had been laying down on the job for a few years at least... smile). I will keep you posted and perhaps fashion my new look in some nice clothes after they are fitted and dispensed to me. My plastic surgery should be in May (that is what I am aiming for...). I will keep you posted.

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