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Annual Mammogram shows area of concern so biopsy is scheduled

Well if it is not one darn thing it is another... I received a referral from my surgeon's office reminding me of my annual mammogram which was to be a diagnostic viewing. I booked an appointment and went in for my exam. The technician did a series of films then asked me to wait for results. She came back and said she wanted more tests - now I am thinkin' "Something's up..." The technician took additional films and I asked to see them. What was a grey area last year is now a collection of bright white dots - none are very large but there are 7 - 10 in a cluster. I spoke with the radiologist and she was very kind and knowledgeable and she wanted to schedule a biopsy as soon as possible.

My recent CA15.3 test showed my reading to be 23 with 25 being the highest acceptable reading so this could indicate additional cancer though it is still within limits.

I go in on July 5 for a mammogram guided biopsy. Not to put the cart before the horse but, I think if there is any concern that they may be malignant, I may just opt for a double mastectomy. I am 65 and have been living with one significantly smaller breast for over 21 years so I think the drastic measure to make sure I have no further breast cancer could be a sound decision. This is another in the neverending story of my battle with breast cancer. I will keep you posted on progress.

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