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What To Pack In Your Chemo Day Bag

1. Always take your identification and your insurance card plus a few dollars in case you want something from a vending machine or gift shop.

2. Always carry a clear plastic envelope to carry your handouts from your doctor or medical team. You will have lab results and future appointment reminders as well as for instructions for any potential side effects.

3. Take along a colorful warm pair of socks (the kind with plastic anti-slip dots are especially good. These socks should be loose and comfortable.

4. Take along a cardigan in case you get a bit cold. You may also want to take along a throw blanket to snuggle under. Most infusion centers have blankets they can give but they are generic, bland and not very warm.

5. Take along some lemon drops that you can pick up at Target or Walmart. The tartness of the lemon will help alleviate the bad taste that chemo may leave in your mouth.

6. Take along bottled water or your favorite soft drinks (several will be best) as you will get thirsty.

7. Take along a sandwich or something that will help fill you up as you will be there a long time and will doubtless get hungry. Some infusion centers provide juices, sandwiches, fruit, and snacks but what is available may change from visit to visit.

8. Fight boredom. Take along a book that will hold your interest perhaps a few magazines, your Kindle, your cell phone, your tablet and charging cables for these devices.

9. I will add to this list as things occur to me so check back. some of these items you will find on this site. Be sure to carry a backpack or a messenger bag so you will have both arms free to carry other items.

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