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What to wear for chemo day

I have been through this many times and some of what I am about to tell you is just common sense but a reminder about what to wear for chemo days from someone who has been there may be helpful. 

  1. Wear something comfortable - Perhaps a t-shirt and jogging pants or leggings would work well. Keep in mind that the Doctor may have ordered blood work so make it easy for the lab folks to access your veins.  If you have a port, a v-neck t-shirt may give them access if it is wide enough. If they will need to access your arm or hand, consider short sleeves and carry a comfy sweater or lap robe to snuggle with during your infusion.
  2. Remember, you will be sitting for many hours during your infusion so it is most important that you are comfortable. Wear loose shoes and socks (I always kicked off my shoes and appreciated my fun, colorful socks).
  3. Your infusion center may be able to provide you with a blanket to keep you warm but I always enjoyed having my own blanket to snuggle with.
  4. Your infusion center may well have disposable "barf bags". It is a good idea to get a couple of these to keep in your chemo bag and be sure to keep one in your everyday handbag as nausea may well be an issue. Your Doctor can prescribe some fairly effective medicine if this should become a problem for you. 
  5. Over your t-shirt or another comfortable shirt, you will probably want to wear a cardigan. I always preferred an oversized one (again, for comfort and "snuggability").
  6. Please be sure to check out my next post about what to pack in your chemo day carry-all bag. 

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