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Let's face it... chemo isn't easy. But - we can make the best of it. My goal here is to provide hats or head coverings that are smart, funny, pretty, trendy, and just plain silly! All of those traits are never more important to us than when we go through chemo. Being bald can be cold. I shiver just to think of it. I am about to go through my third trip down chemo lane so I understand... I will be bald for the third time. I sincerely hope that you will find a beanie hat that you can treasure - that will make you smile - that may even give you a big ol' belly laugh - or that will make you feel pretty or handsome. Every design on this site can be sized from Infant to Adult. Pick any design from any section - as long as it pleases you. Take your time. Browse all you want and most of all - Enjoy yourself!
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