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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a woman but really like a design in the Manly Man section. Can I order it in my size?

Answer: Yes. Every design can be ordered in sizes from Infant to Adult (Large or Small). You might want to check out the Infant/Toddler section as there are some great designs in that section that may work for anyone.

2. Why do you only sell Beanie Hats?

Answer: My personal experience tells me there is a need for fun, attractive, versatile head coverings for "chemo bald" folks of all ages and sizes. I will start my third (as I refer to it) trip down chemo lane near the end of February 2017. During my first two experiences with chemotherapy in 1998 and 2003, I found it very hard to find fun, stylish, personable head coverings - and let's face it... it can be cold being bald. I started out designing beanies for my own use and it occurred to me that other folks may enjoy having access to similar beanies. I may expand my offerings in the future but I am starting out with the tried and true beanie hat.

3. Do you have to be bald to wear your beanie hats?

Answer: Absolutely not! There are many designs that a wide variety of folks will enjoy. All are welcome!